Landscape design

Landscaping creates a comfortable, beautiful and harmonious human environment. …

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Selection and planting of plants

Selection and planting plants is perhaps the most enjoyable and exciting moment in creating a garden. Most of the costs in landscape design fall on this stage of improvement, which means the end of construction work on the site. Planting is the result Several years of building a house and a very crucial moment.

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We are pleased to introduce You to our pool building and maintenance service that will help You turn y Your idea into reality.

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Garden service

Grounds maintenance and garden maintenance. Creating a garden is a long and painstaking work. Landscape design does not end with planting and laying the lawn. Rather, it starts with this. Several years pass from the moment of planting to the acquisition of the appearance of a full-fledged garden. And it is very important that specialists take care of the plants from the first.

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Lighting in the garden

An important point in creating a full-fledged garden is lighting. Correctly place accents, create comfort and atmosphere. Emphasize the beauty of plants and viewpoints. Make the site safe and convenient at any time of the day. Here are the main tasks of garden light.

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Automatic irrigation systems

We will develop for you projects and schemes of the automatic irrigation system! In a short time we will carry out and install communications on the site! We provide a guarantee for equipment and work. We take the site for maintenance.

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Rolled lawn

The fastest and most affordable way to change your site. Within a few days the specialists of our company will prepare the soil and lay the turf. We have extensive experience in laying and proven suppliers of rolled lawns. What makes our company one of the leaders in the installation of rolled lawns.

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Paving in the garden

Paving with paving slabs with the development of the author’s paving design. Which will complement the design of the house and will be a continuation of the architect’s idea in the garden. We have extensive experience in choosing paving materials and colors. Therefore, we will be able to select for you a unique and most importantly high-quality coating.

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Our latest news

The world’s most perfect tulip park. The Royal Tulip Park in Holland, is considered the most beautiful spring park in the world. Keukenhof is...

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Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

This Eden, shaped like a boat deck, is the largest of the 9. A large canal runs along this garden. This pond hosts a musical show with water games....

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Vannucci Piante garden center in Italy

In March 2021, for an object in Cannes, we ordered plants in Italy at the Vannucci Piante garden center. It’s like a Bugatti among cars. Those who...

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