Selection and planting of plants

Choosing and planting plants is perhaps the most enjoyable and exciting moment in creating a garden.

Most of the costs in landscape design fall on this stage of improvement, which means the end of construction work on the site. Planting is the result

Several years of building a house and a very crucial moment.

For 17 years of work, we have selected and planted thousands of plants of different sizes and budgets.

Since 2020, Art Flora has been cooperating with the best Italian and French nurseries and garden centers.

We purchase plants from growers at the best prices for our customers and in perfect quality. Direct deliveries allow us to choose the right varieties and species in the right quantity for the project.

Each order is selected individually, for which the designer visits nurseries and tags the plants she needs. This is a guarantee that the quality of the material for the garden will be impeccable!

At the time of purchasing plants, we can send photos and videos to the client to agree on the most expensive trees in the project. If they wish, clients can also visit garden centers with us and participate in the selection of particularly beautiful specimens.

Our experience is difficult to evaluate and describe, we look not only at the beauty of the plant, but also at its condition, crown, root system, etc. By choosing and buying plants from ArtFlora, you get excellent planting material at affordable prices!

The right choice of plants in terms of size, shape of the crown and root system, planting site and soil composition … these are just a few of the tasks that a landscape designer solves when compiling a dendroplan and choosing plants for each individual object.

The quality of planting material, the state of the root system, the manufacturer… and so on.

Important components of the success of your future garden. You need to choose an assortment of plants, taking into account the timing of flowering and decorativeness of each species.

For our clients we offer plants from the best Ukrainian and European nurseries. Various formed on a trellis or stem. Sheared or grafted forms.

For those who want the beauty of “yesterday” a large selection of large plants with a compact root system. They are grown using a special technology with several transplants throughout their life, which makes it easier for a large plant to take root in a new place.

Here it is important to think over all the nuances with delivery, the place of work of the equipment, if necessary, the replacement of soil, etc.

Observe the planting dates, the introduction of rooters and regular watering at the first stage.

Plants of perfect quality, properly composed dendroplan, experienced specialists in planting are the main components of success.

Of course, following the care recommendations, regular and proper watering will make your garden unique.

See more photos and finished works in the folder “Our Works”

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