Automatic irrigation systems

We will develop for you projects and schemes of the automatic irrigation system! In a short time we will carry out and install communications on the site!

We provide a guarantee for equipment and work. We take the site for maintenance.

We are offering to you:

  • Automatic watering system
  • Semi-automatic irrigation system
  • Mechanized irrigation system


An automatic irrigation system allows you to water the site more efficiently and professionally than with manual watering. The design of the automatic irrigation system provides for the most optimal and accurate amount of irrigation, both lawns and green spaces.

Automatic irrigation systems – an engineering and technical complex that provides automated irrigation of a certain area according to a given schedule.

Sprinkler irrigation

This method is designed mainly for watering lawns and partly for watering trees and shrubs on the lawn. Water supply is carried out by various types of ground sprinklers or retractable underground sprinklers.

These elements of the system are more perfect, as they do not disturb the harmony of the landscape and do not create obstacles when mowing with a lawn mower or when playing on the lawn, etc.

Sprinklers have fixed irrigation sectors (90, 180, 360 degrees), and also can be smoothly changed (up to 360 degrees), which is very convenient for complex site geometry. The ranges and amounts of water consumed by sprinklers can be either constant or variable through interchangeable nozzles supplied with the sprinkler.

There are a large number of different types of ground sprinklers. They are used where we are talking about small (1-3 acres) lawn areas and where material considerations prevail over aesthetic ones. This is due to the fact that they often have a large water consumption, so it is not possible to use several sprinklers to irrigate different zones at the same time. However, ground-based devices, along with the hose bands that fit them, do not decorate the landscape in any way. Today, due to the increase in the average size of cottage plots and, accordingly, the growth of aesthetic requirements for the harmony of the landscape, the market is rapidly conquering irrigation with the help of underground sprinklers included in an extensive system of underground pipelines (hydraulic system).

The advantages of such sprinkler systems are obvious. Watering heads are hidden in the ground and rise to the surface only during watering. They do not interfere with lawn mowing. Pipes are laid at a depth of 30-40 centimeters, so the automatic irrigation system will not spoil the landscape. It is possible to easily adjust the jet turning sector. A wide range of jet radii is also available.

Photo – an example of combined watering.

We water the lawn with sprinklers, and the plants on the bark dump are watered with drip irrigation under the root.

Drip irrigation

This method is ideal for irrigation. Drip irrigation consists in the dosed supply of water directly to the root zone of the plant. With such a device, water does not interfere with the root system to “breathe”. As a result, in this place the soil is maintained in an optimally moist state.

Such systems are designed for irrigation of trees, shrubs, individual flower beds and fruit and berry plants, for which sprinkling irrigation is either contraindicated or insufficient.

The main element of drip irrigation systems is a dropper, for which a small excess of pressure over atmospheric pressure (0.1-0.2 bar) is sufficient. Each dropper is thoriated and delivers a certain amount of water per unit time (usually 2 or 4 liters per hour). This seemingly simple button-sized device has a complex internal structure, passing through which the water entering the dropper through the pipe loses pressure and exits in the form of drops.

Advantages of drip irrigation systems:

  • significant water savings;
  • rapid growth and development of plants;
  • the possibility of their repeated dosed watering;
  • the possibility of automation of the irrigation process;
  • point, directional water supply does not allow weeds to thrive.
100% of our projects have automatic irrigation systems


According to experts, equipment operating on the principle of sprinkling is in great demand (about 80% of total sales). Equipment designed for drip irrigation is purchased much less often, its market share is approximately 20% of total sales. Experts attribute this result to several factors.

Firstly, the installation of a drip irrigation system will cost the consumer a little more than the organization of irrigation at the site according to the principle of sprinkling.

Secondly, the scope of the drip irrigation system is somewhat limited: it is used, as a rule, only for watering hedges, alpine slides, greenhouse plants, etc. The area of ​​application of sprinkler systems is wider – this type of irrigation can be used to care for a lawn, flower garden, garden, etc.

It should also be noted that the formation of the cost of the irrigation system is also influenced by such factors as the level of complexity of the relief, the dendrology of the object, the availability of water sources (water supply, well, pond, etc.), the presence of plantings on the site that require different irrigation methods.

We use new technologies to lay pipes on our sites so that customers can find ways to communicate many years later. In order not to have to dig through the entire lawn, we fix the laying of the main irrigation lines and, if necessary, light.

We use the most powerful quadcopter with a high shooting resolution as equipment, and with the help of it we move forward, shooting and focusing on important details for the project. With each completed project, we improve the quality of our work and delight customers with the responsible fulfillment of our promises!

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