Landscape design

Landscaping creates a comfortable, beautiful and harmonious human environment.

We have been engaged in landscape design in Kharkov for over 14 years. And we have extensive experience in designing remote facilities outside of Ukraine.

Landscaping and landscaping are an integral part of the construction of country estates. The designer will help you choose the style of the site that matches your home and terrain features. Site illumination, soil composition and other important factors.

Landscape design.

Helps to professionally design recreation areas and correctly arrange the trees, shrubs, flower beds and lawns that you like, artificial reservoirs, lay paths and retaining walls in the right place, and many other elements of landscape design Landscape design includes several stages: pre-project stage, preliminary design and working project.

What does the project consist of:

Pre-project surveys

At the pre-project stage of interaction, the designer finds out your tastes and preferences, gets acquainted with the site.

Then the required amount of work and the approximate cost of the entire project are determined. After agreeing on the estimate and design time, we receive a geodetic survey of the site.

And on the basis of survey, marks, and terms of reference for design, we carry out the first draft layout options. And we are preparing references for the future project.

Preliminary design.

The concept of the project for the improvement and landscaping of the territory is being developed,
master plan sketches. Usually these are 3 options for planning the site, I agree with the design assignments. Considering the features of the relief, the architecture of the house, the purpose of the site, etc.

Full package of drawings

Drawings of Olivia | Drawings of Terrace

Working project

Further, after discussing and finalizing the draft proposal, we create a master plan for the improvement. This is the main drawing in the landscape project.

Based on the agreed and finalized sketch, the architect makes the following working drawings:

  • General plan
  • Divided plan drawing
  • Dendrological plan
  • Lighting scheme with bindings
  • Paving scheme, area balance
  • Scheme of automatic watering system
  • Scheme of the vertical layout of the site
  • Scheme of storm water disposal
  • Visualization of the main zones


We have extensive experience in designing, including remote.

Our architects will always find the best solution for your site. The most advanced technologies and knowledge of modern programs gives the ideal result of the project.

We are always glad to hear your questions and will be happy to tell you more or show more finished works and projects!

If necessary, we can supplement the standard project with other working drawings, for example:

  • Fence device, taking into account changes in the relief of the site
  • Options for finishing the facades of buildings
  • Detailed paving layout by elements
  • Dimensional drawing of MAF, etc.
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