Reconstruction of the site Kharkiv region 2018

Time goes by and everything changes. Fashion is also changing in landscape design. New plants and materials appear on the market. Our customers have excellent taste and knowledge. We applied for renovation and reconstruction of the site.

Work on the renovation and reconstruction of the site July-August 2018. Kharkiv region.

Planting plants in existing flower beds.
We have added the best and showiest plants to the existing composition.

For this site, the following assortment of plants was selected:
Panicled hydrangeas on the trunk, large-leaved hydrangeas, tree-like Anabel and Pink Anabel, Stefanandra notch-leaved, forchun euonymus, boxwood with balls of different diameters, lilacs on the trunk, spruce globosa on the trunk, Molly fir and a number of shade-loving perennials.

Care and pruning of existing hedges of boxwood, purple willow, junipers. Adjustment and completion of the automatic irrigation system. Lawn fertilization and weed control. The first stage of work.

Further in the spring of 2019, the application of spring fertilizers and the prevention of fungal diseases. Treating the lawn with the Previkur preparation with a petrol sprayer.

Scorification and aeration of the lawn, seeding. Also in the spring, pruning hydrangeas, spirea, weigel and fertilizing all ornamental plants.

During the summer of 2019, departures and processing of plants according to the schedule.

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