Villa Cap d’Antibes

This object is under our author’s support and control of gardeners!

Since June 2022, we have been keeping a gardener’s log, prescribing fertilizers and preparations, coordinating the schedule of mowing plants, treatments and lawn care!

The total area of the villa is 1 acre!

Twice a week we visit and monitor the work on the site.

We buy preparations, fertilizers and tools for the garden.

This has greatly improved the overall appearance of the property!

The customers are happy that the gardeners are supervising and monitoring the work properly!

The villa looks very nice and well maintained, the plants are healthier and the lawn is greener!

This had an impact on the rental price of this property!

We can also offer you garden management and supervision of all work on your property!

Compliance with the work plan, consultations of dendrologist and phytopathologist.

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