Terraces in Saint Maxim city

Completed terrace landscaping project which was carried out in July 2023.

On our YouTube channel you can watch a video of a walk around the site while a 3d model was being designed.

Our company has carried out the whole range of arrangement works of this terrace!

  1. We have carried out an automatic irrigation system and lighting in the flowerbeds.
  2. We have chosen and purchased more than 40 cachepots in different diameters and design for the plants!
  3. We lifted fertile soil for plants by the crane! And planted a huge number of different plants and cacti and citrus and cypress! Beautifully blooming jasmine vines covered a large wall.

After our work the terrace looks cozy and green! It is the main task for a landscape architect – to listen to the clients’ wishes and make a perfect garden to their own liking.

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