Park House 2013-2019

Landscape design in Kharkiv.

Acquaintance with the object happened at the time of the purchase of the site in 2012. It took two years for construction work and project approval. Plot area 10 acres.

All stages of work on the creation of a site, soil planning, creation of an automatic irrigation system, laying a rolled lawn were carried out by the specialists of our company.

Planting a minimum range of plants to maintain the design of the house and the concept of the site as a whole. The main plants planted at this site are: Glauka Globos Spruce, Omorica Spruce, Nidiformis Spruce, Akrokona Spruce, Barberry Golden Ring, Barberry Superba, Deren Variagatta, Juniper Prince Velsky, Juniper Obelisk, Juniper Mint Julep… and so on

Service and consultations for 6 years after the commissioning of the object.

Only pleasant memories and a wonderful result after many years.

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