Cannes 2021

Cool project abroad during the height of the pandemic.
The main tool for implementation is panoramic visualization with a 360-degree view – an incredible technology for submitting a landscape project.
Unusual facts about landscaping in Cannes:

  • The area of ​​the plot was almost 2 hectares, and as a “gift” there was a neglected old garden
  • At the first stage, we mastered only a part (about 30-40 acres)
  • Roof garden is our pride at the facility
  • It is strictly forbidden to plant flowering plants that attract bees at the facility
  • In the design process, we replaced all lavender and roses with forbiums and cereals
  • Without a single drawing and dendroplan, landing list and layout drawing, a plan for the summary communications of networks – we got an excellent result in the implementation of the plan
  • All plants were purchased and brought from the nursery in Italy “Vannuccipiante” – the scale is off scale!
  •  In total, about 2,000 thousand plants were ordered, which was 2 trucks loaded
  • The magic of the garden was not only in its beauty, but also in the variability of appearance, in the change of pictures, impressions and associations, which depend not only on the weather, time of day or season, but also on the internal state of the observer


Short list of used plants:

  • Forbium: 100 pieces of 4 grades
  • Balls from laurel, phillyrea, yew, euonymus, holly
  • Many hydrangeas: large-leaved and paniculate
  • Ground cover juniper: 3 varieties
  • Grains: mulenbergia, pinnisetum, kartoderiya
  • Lemon arches, mountain pines of different varieties
  • Banana palms, strelitzia, magnolias, Lebanese cedar, lazhestroemia, photinia, blue bird hibiscus, cherry laurel, aucuba, aspidistra
  • Many vines: ivy, bougainvillea, jasmine


The first stage of work was completed in March 2021, and customers will see the garden only in summer.  We are preparing for the second stage of work, gaining strength and inspiration, but we can proudly say that the first part of the project turned out to be very worthy!

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