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ART FLORA offers a full range of landscape design and landscaping services. Our objects always have impeccable design and workmanship. The desire to create modern and practical gardens has been a major design trend in recent years. Your garden will be refined and unique at the same time practical and easy to maintain.

    • Individual approach
    • High quality of services provided
    • Many years of experience and recommendations
    • Maintenance of the object at all stages
    • The best specialists and materials
We offer
Designing 360

Incredible landscape project submission technology!!!

Panoramic visualization with a 360 degree view!

Only with us, you can order a novelty of 2020!

It’s an amazing twist on garden and park design…

Landscape design according to the best international standards already in Ukraine

And we do it for you… soon more photos and projects in a new format!!! 


landscape design

Landscaping creates a comfortable, beautiful and harmonious human environment. We have been engaged in landscape design in Kharkov for over 14 years. And we have extensive experience in designing remote facilities outside of Ukraine. Landscaping and landscaping are an integral part of the construction of country estates. The designer will help you choose the style of the site that matches your...


Choosing and planting plants is perhaps the most enjoyable and exciting moment in creating a garden. Most of the costs in landscape design fall on this stage of improvement, which means the end of construction work on the site. Planting is the result several years of building a house and a very crucial moment. The right choice of plants in terms of size, shape of the crown and root system,...

Rolled lawn

The fastest and most affordable way to change your site. Within a few days, the specialists of our company will prepare the soil and lay the turf. We have extensive experience in laying and proven suppliers of rolled lawns. What makes our company one of the leaders in the installation of rolled lawns in the Kharkiv region!!! Rolled lawns are grown for two years on the field using a special...

Automatic irrigation systems

Irrigation systems We will develop for you projects and schemes of the automatic irrigation system! In a short time we will carry out and install communications on the site! We provide a guarantee for equipment and work. We take the site for maintenance. We are offering to you: Automatic watering system semi-automatic irrigation system mechanized irrigation system An automatic irrigation...

Site care

Grounds maintenance and garden maintenance. Creating a garden is a long and painstaking work. Landscape design does not end with planting and laying the lawn. Rather, it starts with this)) Several years pass from the moment of planting to the acquisition of the appearance of a full-fledged garden. And it is very important that specialists take care of the plants from the first. We provide...

Paving in the garden

We offer you: Modern materials for paving paths and playgrounds. High quality landscaping work. The best combination of price and quality of work and materials. Individual approach to each project. Clinker tiles of Ukrainian and European factories. Paving with paving slabs with the development of the author’s paving design. Which will complement the design of the house and will be a...

About Us

Landscape design is a science and an art. This means that it is impossible to create a beautiful garden without special knowledge. Therefore, most owners of private houses seek help from specialists in the field of landscape design.

On the one hand, this is a tribute to fashion, and the desire to show one’s status in everything, even in the garden, on the other hand, it is simply a desire to live in a comfortable space, in harmony with the environment.

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